Hello from Brazil!

Hello from Brazil!
The three of us send our love from South America where we've been traveling for the past 10 days. It's our first visit to many of these countries and we've been soaking it all in, met some great people , played some amazing shows. 
Touring in all its usual chaos only gives you a brief glimpse of what a place is like, but this first impression of Peru, Colombia & Brazil will be lasting. I keep thinking of what the very sage Samuel Johnson said about travelling and the way it changes your perception of a place
"The use of travelling is to regulate imagination with reality, and instead of thinking of how things may be, see them as they are.”  Well, we can't wait to see you Argentina & Chile !
Thank you to everyone on our journey so far that's made it full & vibrant.
Especially Headsouth Peru, Daniel Molande & Monica Mureira for their insight and hospitality.
Next week we'll be celebrating the release of our new record and after that - we can't wait to keep on journeying, get seeing you all again.
Ritzy, Rhyds and Matt 



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Alexandre_Gama's picture

I was just not expecting to see and listen to the kind of music you've played in Lollapalooza Brazil. Big, bold and daring! Best off the whole show in my humble opinion. I didn't know the band until that day and now I want to know and listen everything that you play. You are one of these rare good surprises in music. Inspired, beautifully and skillfully crafted songwriting and playing. Direct and sophisticated at the same time. You guys (and girl!) have it. You surely have it. A.Gama

Andres_GS's picture

Ey guys u're fucking awesome!! I saw u in the stage in the #FestivalEstereoPicnic2016 in Bogotá, Colombia. I just walked around and I finished next to the stage jumping, shouting, and singing with you guys. ¡¡WHAT ENERGY!! - Now ONE MORE FAN!! I hope see you in the next time.