Meet Bryce

Hi there, I'm Bryce.  I'll be at the Merch table before/during/after the show hooking you up  w/ all the best TJF gear, while likely trying to talk to you about any/all of the following.
Favorite movies: Transformers (the 1985 animated one, not that Michael Bay trash), Jurassic Park, the first two Alien films, a bunch of the Studio Ghibli classics, also the directors cut of Blade Runner is incredible, but I can't handle the VO on the original (I read somewhere Harrison Ford agrees w/ me).
TV: Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Sopranos, Twin Peaks, Beavis and Butthead, anything on Adult Swim in the early 2000s.
Music: Lots of cheesy 80s stuff, Sub Pop records, Nine Inch Nails (1989-1999), Kanye, Young Thug, Oneohtrix Point Never... I'm kind of all over the place, but on tour it's been a lot of Hop Along, Whitney, and the new Mitski feels like its gonna be in heavy rotation this next run.
Food: Literally anything Sent from my iPhone
Touring: Is the greatest, especially when you get to do it with a band as good as these guys. It's also something I wasnt sure I'd ever get to do, so I'm eternally grateful to wake up in a new city every day. Always hunting for the best sights/shops/food/bars before the show.  



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