Meet Frankie aka Merch Fox

What are you up to right now?: Eating pasta. Obvs.
What's your favourite place on Earth?: That's a hard question because I love so many places on our huge beautiful planet: all for different reasons. 
Best dream you ever had: I was running really fast across some sun-filled grassy, hilly fields, & the bigger my strides got, the longer I stayed in the air until I was actually flying. Not far off the ground or anything, but definitely flying. I was wearing a blue hat & Hugh Jackman was there.
Favourite book: The Duncton Wood series by William Horwood.
Song that makes you want to cry: Katie Price & Peter Andre - A Whole New World.
Favourite YouTube clip: It's a tough call between "Llamas with Hats 1-12: The Complete Series", and "10 Hours Fluffle Puff Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows (without question line)"
Best and worst things about touring with TJF: The best things are pulling up into different cities & seeing a whole bunch of awesome venues from a different perspective than you normally would. Also, hanging out at my merch table listening to the band who play with obvious passion & energy every single night. It's special to find a band who sound even better on stage than they do on their albums. I think it's rare to be able to brilliantly translate the tracks from a produced recording, to a live set. Worst things = Definitely hauling equipment up flights of stairs.
Favourite animal: Chickens, rats & foxes.
Most inspiring person: Iris Apfel. I adore her & want to be just like her when I grow up. Oh, and Nick Cage.
What was the last film you watched?: Pay The Ghost (with Nick Cage)




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